Before you begin, use a provided template, please!

First off, you need a description of your character in looks.

And a general physical and mental description of your character.

The next is his armor and what his armor can do. If it's custom-made (expensive btw) than it should be different than the normal armor. If it's standard-issue, than it must be the same as normal standard issue equipment.

Next is his weapons. Armor rules apply to weapons too. Max weapon amount is 4. Knives and daggers take up 0.25 spaces, and a pistol 0.75.

You also need a history of your character, what clan he's in, and what he does for the clan.

Also have a family bloodline. Max age is 200 years for a character, then he must retire. Youngest is 45 years.

Lastly, have a trivia description

(Not required) Picture please!

(Not required) Quotes are good. Addam in.